off for a snack




enjoying pats

Her squinty happy face doesn’t come through all that well in the photos.


after breakfast

Breakfast has been eaten, morning flumps have been had, the announcement that Noko is on her chair has been made. All that’s left is to cozy in and fall asleep.


black cat sighting

This visitor has been coming round regularly for weeks now, but usually the only evidence is paw prints and an emptied kibble container. He (she?) made a few passes by the window while I was in the office and I managed to get a couple of crappy photos.

I think he kept coming by today because he was looking for the kibble. I had been leaving some out regularly under the neighbour’s deck (to the left of the frame) and then got lazy and recently started putting it by the corner of the house (to the right), so I think he was trying to make sure he hadn’t missed it. I put some out for him after I spotted him, but not sure if he found it before he left.