26 Sep


Woke up late, thinking about Noko. Before, if I had been in bed that late, it would have been because Noko had already been up to have breakfast and had come back and curled up beside me. When I started to wake up, I would have given her pats. During this process she would go from squinting, to proto-purr, through loud and chunky purr, and finally arrive at wriggles, and then I’d have to be careful because most of the pat-able areas would be now be largely inaccessible. Sometimes I’d wake up and find her already wriggling. But of course she wasn’t there.

I heard something that sounded like her licking her chops after having some wet food.

Felt my gut clench a little when I saw one of her food bowls in the dish rack. Was sad to put her last food tin and the two lids into recycling.

Brushed the couch (40s era, upholstered in burgundy velvet) with the lint brush and noticed a couple of cat hairs that stubbornly wouldn’t get picked up. I now have nostalgia about cat hairs on things.

Today’s adjustments: I took my sickly spider plant from the dim living room and put it in the dining room on a low bookshelf that gets some direct sunlight. I hadn’t moved it before because the leaves were so long that she would have been able to get at them.

Moved the table/desk in the office to the right about 6″ to make a little more room for the chair on the left, now that it’s arranged for a person to sit on instead of a cat. I had moved the table pretty far to the left so I would be as close as possible to Noko when she was sitting on her chair – sometimes she would demand pats and it was easier if I could reach her without getting up from the chair.

Took the scoop and bucket of clean litter out of the litter closet and put them in the basement.

Washed a load of towels, mostly the red ones and other old towels that we had been using for her – on her pillow in the office and on the couch to control cat hair and just in case of pee problems, on the floor in front of the litter closet where she sometimes peed when she was feeling out of sorts, and on my bed (pretty much the whole left half) partly for cat hair and partly in case of pee problems. I had had these towels in the basement for “just in case”, and then moved them up to the litter closet when she started having pee problems with some regularity. Now I’ll have to decide where I want to keep them since I don’t need them in the litter closet anymore. And it doesn’t make sense to call it the litter closet anymore.



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