29 Sep


Started the day thinking about Noko some.

The yoga mat is still in the bathroom waiting to be cleaned. The space where she used to eat still looks empty, and the couch still looks odd without her towel and the cushion up. Knocked over her arthritis meds when I opened the door to the basement – they were on the shelf with other meds to be disposed of. Her nail trimmers are still under the sink, in a container where they are visible right when you open the cupboard door; I have no need of these now but I don’t plan to get rid of them. The office still looks a little odd too, with how I’ve moved the chair.

I was thinking about design around the house and how I want to think about all of the stuff I have to make sure it’s what I want, not just stuff that is good enough. I got thinking about the sheets and how nothing matches. I remembered being dissatisfied with the comforter cover I had made for my comforter (which I’ve disassembled because I decided it was a little too big). When I explored the thought a little more, I remembered that the reason I wasn’t happy with it was because it’s very textured and collects cat hair like mad, requiring too frequent washing. I guess that’s not a problem now. But if I keep the cover it might make me too sad, so I may still change it all up anyway.

Did some laundry and emptied the lint trap in the dryer – much of the lint seemed to be cat hair. I guess I’ll find out just how much was cat hair as time goes on.

House still seems too quiet. Although her absence is very conspicuous during morning and bedtime routines, I haven’t been actively thinking about how quiet it is at any particular time during the day. Still, I think it’s there on a subconscious level, especially around her lunchtime and suppertime.



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