change of direction

The original purpose of this blog was to share photos of Noko. But over the last 3+ weeks, I’ve been drafting entries regularly in order to process my grief over losing her. I finally feel like I’m the point where I want to put them out there.

This post will stay as long as it makes sense (or be moved or deleted if it stops making sense) and is dated according to the day it was written and published. The others were generally written on the day and then saved as drafts. They will be time stamped with the day to which they relate, not the date that they were finally published.


1 Oct


Mark made steak for supper and when we were done we both realised that we wanted to put a plate out for Noko because she would have wanted some – or would have at least wanted to be included, whether or not she actually liked what we were eating.

Dad called in the evening. My announcement on Facebook had been relayed to him, so he called to offer condolences. It’s still hard to talk about what happened.

When my grandma passed away in May, of course Dad was one of the first to know, and he called to let me know. But what’s the protocol for pets? Somehow it didn’t feel right for me to be making calls.